AUTMES is a PTC partner for ThingWorx and Vuforia products

PTC is a multinational software company developing the comprehensive ThingWorx industrial platform for Industrial IoT.

ThingWorx provides tools and technologies to quickly and efficiently develop and deploy powerful applications for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) including Augmented Reality (AR) support. The ThingWorx platform connects and optimizes business processes, differentiates product and service offerings and opens up a new dimension in the view of revenue sources. It enables businesses to create intelligent, linked views of process data, products, and manufacturing operations.

  • ThingWorx collects, processes, analyzes, alarms, visualizes and reports technology and production data
  • connects many different communication protocols between different data sources
  • everything from PLCs, sensors, databases to the cloud, SMS, ERP systems or MES systems
  • supports scaling of the platform according to growing requirements
  • offers a clear view of current and historical process data
  • enables easy management of collected data and their reporting
  • easy digital representation of real objects (so-called digital twin) and augmented reality supplemented by current data, documentation or alerts
  • ThingWorx is a tool for modern enterprise digitization in accordance with Industry 4.0.
  • accelerates the return on investment in IIoT

Our company is a system integrator PTC company.

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ThingWorx – A Platform for the Internet of Things

ThingWorx is a technological platform for rapid development of applications in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT, or industrial variants of IoT). ThingWorx can collect production data, visualize them in real time and report them in the required format.

Vuforia – Augmented Reality

PTC Vuforia is a modern Augmented Reality (AR) technology platform that is applied in hundreds of thousands of applications worldwide. By combining VUFORIA with the ThingWorx platform, it is possible to achieve an instructive and informative environment for the operation and service of machines and products.

Kepware – Communication Drivers

The Kepware brand, which has been a part of PTC since 2015, offers top OPC servers and other robust applications for industrial communication. Kepware offers support for more than 300 communication protocols with the possibility of conversion between them.