References of AUTMES s.r.o.

2020 – Division ISOVER, Saint – Gobain Construction Products CZ a.s., Týniště nad Orlicí

Delivery of Power Distributors for Data Collection of Consumed Energies including Integration of Data Historization via AVEVA Historian System

2020 – Procter&Gamble – Rakona, s.r.o., Rakovník

BFM and System Platform training

2020 – ALTO Systems / Mitsubishi Electric, Slaný

Line L1 + L2 – Production of Power Distributors, Electro-installation, Service

2020 – Hartmann Rico a.s., Veverská Bítýška

Software AVEVA

2020 – JHV Engineering s.r.o. Pardubice

Production of Power Distributors

2020 – HAKEL spol. s r.o., Hradec Králové

Eccentric Press – Production and Putting into Operation

2020 – TechniStone a.s., Hradec Králové

Update of CESA Application for controlling of Phosphating Lines

2019 – Galatek a.s. / VALEO VÝMĚNÍKY TEPLA s.r.o., Žebrák

Modification and replenishment of SW for DFD7 Project

2019 – Divize ISOVER, Saint – Gobain Construction Products CZ a.s., Týniště nad Orlicí

Vizualization in the AVEVA InTouch System for a Robotic Workplace

2019 – Cabmat, s.r.o. / Tyco Electronics Czech s.r.o., Pardubice

Delivery of Complete Electro Equipment of Traversing Unwinder with Compensator for the EB IV Line in Tyco Plant

2019 – MEDTEC-VOP, s.r.o. Hradec Králové

Phosphating Line Control – Drivers for Lifter and Travel of 4 Manipulators – Optimized Travel Sequence Control of Manipulators, Panel Weintek with Remote Connection from PC

2019 – Cabmat, s.r.o. / Draka Kabely s.r.o., Velké Meziříčí

Delivery of HW and SW for Nokia Maillefer Double Winder in the Draka Kabely Plant, Velké Meziříčí

2019 – Cabmat s.r.o. / ČEZ Hradec Králové

Delivery of HW and SW for Cable Rewinding Line for the Czech Energy Plant ČEZ Warehouse in Hradec Králové

2019 – Cabmat, s.r.o. / HŽP Prostějov

Delivery of HW and SW for Leaf Spring Assembly Line for HŽP Plant in Prostějov

2018 – Devro s.r.o., Jilemnice

Report Creation for Dent Evaluation

2018 –  Reichle & De-Massari Czech Republic a.s.

Delivery of HW and SW for Tape Unwinding

2018 – Cabmat, s.r.o. / Tyco Electronics Czech s.r.o., Pardubice

  • Delivery of Complete Electro Equipment of Traversing Unwinder with Compensator Tyco Plant (Power Distributor, Electro project) + T55 Scissors Unwinder
  • Delivery of HW for Production Line Ventilation
  • Delivery of HW for Double Ferris Wheels

2018 –  Procter&Gamble – Rakona, s.r.o., Rakovník

Transport of Reports from Prod005 Server to HIS03 Server

 2018 – BSJ group s.r.o.

Cooling system for Casting Tubs Power Distributors + Modification of Power Distributors for Supplying of Two Sensors – Flow 38

2017 –  RACK MONTAGE s.r.o., Dvůr Králové nad Labem

  • Power Distributors for Sofinther Conveyors Control
  • Putting into Operation of Production Line in Tourleville and Chateau Gontier, France

2017 – BSJ group s.r.o.

  • Delivery of HW and SW for Cooling Technology of Cooling Baths
  • Cooling of Hydraulics and Power Distributors for Casting Machines
  • Cooling System for Cooling Baths before X-raying
  • Small Baths Coolings of Casting Machins

2017 – Transportkabel DIXI s.r.o., Děčín

  • Reconstruction of Maillefer Pairing Machine
  • Programming of Frequency Exchanger in IPOS
  • Delivery of SW and Control System of VT400 Winding Machine
  • Delivery of HW and Control System for REM 722 Rewinding Line

2017 – Metalpres s.r.o., Brno

Configuration of Safety Card for SEW-EURODRIVE Exchanger

2017 – Cabmat / The Czech Energy Plant ČEZ, Louny

  • Delivery of Complete Electro Equipment and SW for Rewinding Line ČEZ Louny Plant Warehouse – Control Systém of PLC SIMATIC, Safety PLC from Sick Company, Delivery of Safety Locks and Safety Sensors on the Machine (Sensor of Revolutions, Optical Gate, Optical Barrier, Scanner)
  • Delivery of HW and SW for Production Line of Conductors with Fluoropolymer Isolation in Fenix, s.r.o., Jeseník

2017 –  Cabmat / Tyco Electronics Czech, s.r.o

  • Delivery of HW and SW for Double Winder Control of 1600 mm Coils
  • Delivery of Single-handed Compensator

2017 – Keramtech s.r.o., Žacléř

Repair of Control System for Ceramic Kiln

2016 – Johnson Controls Autobaterie, s.r.o.

BP Transfer of Power Distributors for MAC Winders

2016 – Cabmat / Tyco Electronics Czech, s.r.o., Pardubice

Delivery of Single Purpose Machine – Double Winder for Winding of Tubes – Belt and Winding Drive, Cutting Drive, Control System, Frequency Exchanger, Program for PLC, Safety Sensors, Safety Class 3, CE Certificate

2016 – Procter & Gamble/ Rakona s.r.o.

PSG – Modification of Equipment Communication, ALC-BFM Formula Cards, Modification of Pace Crossing, Filter Memory Selected by the User, Data Exports to Excel, Automatic Selection of the Order and Plan Filtering

2016 – Tyco Electronics EC Trutnov, s.r.o.

Modification of T34 Expansion Line: Uploading of Compactlogix L33ER into Existing Power Distributor, Creation of Variables Transfet from/into PLC 5, Modification of Existing Vizualization in PanelView1000

2016 – Český hydrometeorologický ústav, Praha

(The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute of Prague)

Periodic Electro Revisions of Water Meter Stations, Climatologic Stations and OMK Air Pollution Monitoring Station.

2016 – Pharmatec GmbH / BOSCH GmbH, Dresden

Destillation Unit – Design and Implementation of Software for Allen Bradley PLC and HMI

2015 – Transportkabel DIXI s.r.o., Děčín

Delivery of HW and Control System of Maillefer Pairing Machine

2015 – MEDTEC-VOP, s.r.o. Hradec Králové

Delivery of Control System and Creation of Software + Operator Panel for Crane Steering at Parts Phosphating Line

2015 – Cabmat s.r.o. / Constellium Děčín

  • Delivery of Electro Equipment of Two Samp Roping Machines, Software Creation
  • Delivery of HW and SW for Single Purpose Equipment Stabilomat 2 (Software Creation for PLC S7-300) for Constellium Company

2015 – Pharmatec GmbH / BOSCH GmbH, Dresden

PLC and HMI Software Development, Software for Control by BOSCH Technology, HMI Application for U.050 VMDU

2015 – PLC Zerone

Delivery of Fully Equipped Power Distributor

2015 – Procter&Gamble/ Rakona s.r.o.

BFM-Proactive FIFO

2015 – ELTEP s.r.o. Chrudim

SW for Drying Kilt Control in VALEO Company in Žebrák, CZ

2015 – Nosco s.r.o. / Isover Častolovice

InTouch Vizualization in Packing Centre – Creation and Application Implementation, Supply of Licence for Wonderware InTouch Runtime 1000 Tags with I/O

2015 – SEW-EURODRIVE CZ s.r.o.

  • Modification of WinCC Vizualizing System in Volkswagen Slovakia, a.s. Company in Bratislava
  • Modification of SW for Controlling of Conditioning Chamber in Kronospan CR Company in Jihlava

2015 – Kingspan a.s. Hradec Králové

Delivery of Control Systém for Stocking Line, Modification of Power Distributore, Software Creation

2014 – Procter & Gamble/ Rakona s.r.o.

ALC Line H

2014 – Glatt Pharma

Training of FTViewSE

2014 – HF – ELECTRO, s.r.o. / HELLA Mohelnice s.r.o.

Manipulation Line in HELLA Mohelnice

2014 – Kingspan s.r.o., Hradec Králové

Reconstruction of Direct Current Motor

2014 – Procter&Gamble/ Rakona s.r.o.

Transfer of Application to WMware Virtual System

2013 – TPE Čeperka

Arburg A11 Line for Production of Gaskets, Modification of Arburg A12 Line, Actualization of SW on the BOY-Machines

2013 – Rockwell Automation s.r.o. Praha

ControlLogic programming Tetrapak

2013 – Transportkabel DIXI s.r.o.

Regulation of Unwinder to Compensator, Modification of SW – SZ Rewinding Line

2013 – Procter&Gamble/ Rakona s.r.o.

  • Automatization of Report Generating for Weight Checking
  • Parking Machine – Exchange SLC to CLX
  • System Line Clearance on Line C – Equipment Outfit

2013 – MANAG a.s. Kolín

Software for Galvanizing Lines Control – Implementation in Russia

2013 – Solpap Třebechovice

Backup of Omron PLC

2012 – ATE, spol. s r.o.

Automatization of Brewery, evaporation of CO2 to PC and PLC in Cooling Control Room of Brewery in  Nošovice