Manufacturing Execution Systems MES

We offer delivery, configuration and programming of MES systems according to the needs of the final Client. Our team of skilled engineers can cope with Manufacturing Execution Systems MES which fill the gap between a production and administration. These systems are beneficial and ensure higher effectiveness and quality of the production and provide the following functions:

  • Efficient data collection, their long-term archiving and tools for analyses and report creation
  • Follow up the management of compliance with production procedures and reporting of complete production history including report of a product lineage
  • Support in fulfilment the FDA 21 Part 11, HACPP, ISO, VDA 6.1 codes and documentation about keeping the production procedures and production correctness
  • Control, follow up and visualization of the unfinished production (status of the orders in production) in the real time and interaction with the planning and business systems.
  • Control and follow up the quality of the operators including statistical management of production quality
  • Follow up and quality analysis of the work of operators and production equipment
  • Follow up and analysis of the idle time and production equipment failures
  • Follow up and analysis of OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
  • Computer support of TPM, Kaizen, Lean Manufacturing and Kanban
  • Interconnection and data transmission with ERP systems (SAP, Oracle. J. D. Edwards etc.)