Machine Security, Risk Assessment

We design safe machines. We take into account legal and normative requirements. For each project, we perform a risk assessment and, at the customer’s request, a detailed risk assessment, according to which a Client sees the risks that may occur when handling the machine or in various risk situations that our technicians may anticipate when designing the machine. We use both basic and proven principles when constructing the machine or equipment.

Our employees are trained in machine safety and many of them own a Functional Safety Technician certificate from TÜV Rheinland via Rockwell Automation trainer, who is our long-term business partner.

When assessing risks, we take into account hazards and risks. By danger we mean a possible source of damage (it can be assessed on the basis of its origin, such as mechanical or electrical hazards). The risk is the probability of damage or failure and its severity. By estimating the risk, we obtain the expected severity of the damage or failure and the probability of its occurrence and when it´s necessary, we judge a risk reduction.

In risk analysis, we make a combination of machine limit specifications, we identify hazards and estimate risk. If necessary, we carry out reasonable risk reduction in accordance with legal requirements and state-of-the-art technology.